How to Change the Battery in a VW Key Fob

Person using opening the trunk of the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas with key fob

There’s nothing worse than heading out to take on your Easton commute, only to find that your key fob battery died. If you need to learn how to change a battery in a VW key fob, the service experts at Silko Volkswagen have you covered. We can teach you how to take on a VW key battery replacement to ensure you can solve this problem whenever needed. Read on to learn how to change the battery in a VW key fob!

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Which VW Key Battery Do I Need?

Replacing an old VW key fob battery is an easy task. However, if you’re unsure which VW key fob battery you need, you may run into trouble. Learn how to find the right VW key battery here:

  • If you currently drive an older Volkswagen with a fob that looks like a simple key, your VW key fob battery is likely the CR1632.
  • Newer VW models have a key fob that looks more like a small pod with buttons on the side with a retractable emergency key. If that seems like the VW key fob you own, you’ll need to swap in a fresh CR2032 battery when it’s time to change the battery in your VW key fob.

VW Key Battery Replacement: Step-by-Step

Regardless of what type of battery you’re using when you change the battery in a VW key fob, you’ll find that the task is pretty straightforward. You’re going to need a small flat-head screwdriver and a new battery. It’s also a good idea to wrap the flat-head screwdriver with a small piece of tape to avoid damaging your fob. Follow these steps to change the battery in your VW key fob:

  1. Hold the button on your VW key fob until the emergency key pops out.
  2. Hold the fob firmly in your hand.
  3. Find the seam that connects the lids and base of your fob. Use your fingers to pry the fob apart slightly, then use your flat-head screwdriver to finish prying the two sides apart.
  4. Note the direction the dead battery is facing, then remove it. Add the fresh battery in the same position.
  5. Close the remote casing by pressing both halves into place.

How to Start the Car without Your Smart Key

Whether you’re heading to a job interview or simply running errands in Stoughton, a dead key fob can feel like a disaster. Luckily, most Volkswagen key fobs offer some form of emergency key that can be accessed when the fob battery has died. If your car has a keyless entry or push-button start feature, simply holding the emergency key below the ignition should get the engine to fire up.

VW Key Replacement

Sometimes, your fob battery isn’t an issue, but the functions of your key fob still aren’t working. It’s best to keep a spare key around, but if you don’t have one, you may need a VW key replacement. You’ll want to visit our dealership with your license and proof of ownership so our team can set you up with a new VW key. If your new key fob requires programming, we’ll gladly help you get everything in working order!

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Whether you need help with a VW key battery replacement, a full VW key replacement, or major repairs, you can schedule service with us in Brockton. Our team is always happy to work on your ride and get you back on the West Bridgewater streets with peace of mind. Contact us if you have any lingering VW key fob battery questions or want to know more about the services we provide!