STELLA is powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, bringing a seamless and personalized experience to your service inquiries. To help you make the most out of your interactions with STELLA, we've prepared an audio example to demonstrate how a call can go with our digital voice assistant.

We understand that sometimes you may prefer speaking with a live agent directly, but we assure you that STELLA is designed to provide efficient and accurate support. By utilizing STELLA's capabilities, you can enjoy faster service and access information instantly.

STELLA answers on the first ring, has no hold times, and is available 24/7/365.



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• Booking Appointments: Schedule your next service appointment in 2 minutes or less with STELLA's quick and intuitive booking system.
• Changing Appointments: Need to reschedule? No worries! STELLA can handle appointment changes.
• Canceling Appointments: Life can get busy, and plans change. Simply ask STELLA to cancel your appointment with ease.
• Answering FAQs: STELLA is equipped to deliver fast answers to frequently asked questions.
• Hours and Location: Save time by allowing STELLA to answer any of your location or operating hour questions.
• Transferring Calls: Whether you need roadside assistance or wish to speak with another department, STELLA will seamlessly connect you with the right team.

You can reach STELLA at (508) 587-2200

We encourage you to give STELLA a try during your next service inquiry. We are confident that she will provide you with an elevated experience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our staff is always here to help!