Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

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Is your EV due for an electric car oil change near Hanover? Do electric cars use oil? Do electric cars need oil? The answer is no. Electric cars do not need motor oil. This means you can put oil changes in the rearview for good! However, that being said, EVs still need transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid like a normal gas engine car. Read on to learn more, and if you’re looking to get your EV fixed, schedule service with us today!

What Fluids Do You Need to Change in Electric Vehicles?

Braintree drivers don’t need electric car oil changes, but they will need to get a grip on their brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant situation. Here’s a more detailed look at what fluids go into electric vehicles:

  • Since every EV has brakes, that means you need brake fluid to properly lubricate your brake system.
  • You’ve also got a transmission, meaning transmission fluid is part of the equation as well. Even in an EV, you want to ensure your gears move efficiently and keep their original condition as long as possible.
  • Coolant is also something you’ll need because your battery gets quite hot when it’s running!

And you can also expect that your vehicle needs tires. This means you’ll need to schedule regular services like tire rotation and wheel alignments. No matter what you need, we’ve got your back in Brockton near Norwood because we’ll help you schedule service online. We’ve also got service specials to save you a buck on things like tire rotations and fluid checks.

Electric Vehicle Parts

Now, we’d like to give you an anatomy lesson on EVs. An electric vehicle has certain parts that are unique to electric models, especially when it comes to the battery. Here’s what you’ll find in your electric vehicle’s power plant:

  • Charging ports that help you charge the battery of your vehicle
  • Traction motors to turn your vehicle’s wheels
  • An onboard charger that turns the power from your outlet into DC power.
  • A DC-DC converter to lower the voltage in the battery to properly move the vehicle
  • A thermal system, is key in preventing overheating
  • And of course, the battery itself!

Get Your EV Fixed at Silko Volkswagen

Even though EVs are lower maintenance vehicles in general, you do still have to get them fixed! Come on over to Silko Volkswagen and have a chat with our factory-certified technicians. Contact us today with any questions you may have!